Bloom Anywhere’s 6-step guide to asking for the help you need

It’s not easy to ask for help. We can think of many excuses or reasons why we don’t: 

  • It’s easier if we do it ourselves (rarely true)
  • Asking might be a bother
  • We say we don’t really need help–even when we know we do
  • Doing so might make us look weak or invite judgment
  • We’re afraid of being denied

What’s your go-to reason for avoiding help? 

But think about it with the shoe on the other foot: How do you feel when you’ve truly helped someone? Doesn’t it feel gratifying when you’ve been able to make a small gesture that made a difference for someone else? Wouldn’t you be disappointed if someone denied you that feeling because they were afraid to ask you for something you’d be glad to do? 

If you have trouble asking for help, it might be because you’re thinking about it the wrong way. Most people want to help, especially if they’re being asked something they think they can do. So, to guide those who find it challenging to ask for the help they need, this six-step guide breaks down the process. By asking for help the right way, you can actually build relationships–and find more ways to help others, too. 

Bloom Anywhere’s 6-step guide to asking for help

Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran is a writer, author, and speaker who wants to help people cultivate more joy and fulfillment in their lives. She is the creator of Bloom Anywhere.