On a Personal Note

We throw around the phrase “I feel seen” a lot. But, today, I lived it. Recently, I’ve been dealing with some health issues that started during the pandemic. A few months ago, my new physical therapist said to me, “Has anyone ever told you that you have lipedema?” I had no idea what she was…

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5 podcasts that are worth your time

Woman at standing desk with laptop and podcasting equipment

Are you into podcasts? I’m picky about them. It got worse when I started writing for a scripted podcast…I have little patience for loose, rambling conversations with people who are trying to sell something. For my time investment, I like to get credible, well-researched, and/or personal insights that I can apply to my life. I…

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Thinking about launching a small business or side hustle? Start here

Starting a small business or side hustle can be enormously rewarding, both emotionally and financially. During tough financial times, having an additional income stream can be a lifeline. There’s also a great deal of satisfaction in being your own boss. If you have the right idea, persistence, and willingness to work hard, there’s no telling…

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The first steps to changing the way you spend your days

Six images of the same woman in a line, all wearing different outfits and carrying different accessories.

Have you ever had a sense that you need a new way to spend your time? Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your job or career prospects. You might have spent time raising children or caregiving and are ready for something new. Or perhaps you woke up one day, after pursuing what “success” meant to you…

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Lessons from unexpected teachers

The sight of the young doe was jarring. She was standing in our front yard. One of her back legs was badly broken below the hock. She hobbled across the yard, unable to put any weight on it. It just dangled. I wondered what to do. She had two young fawns. Would she be able…

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The case for a more human(e) workplace

Laptop screen with people on a videoconference

Before the pandemic, I used to joke that my nightmare would be the day when videoconferences were the norm. I have worked at home for more than 15 years. The thought of having to be coiffed and ready for my closeup every day seemed to negate one of the main benefits of working from home—every…

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Choose your squad wisely

Legs and shadows of people walking.

Sometimes, I’ll hear a phrase for the first time and then, in seeming rapid succession, I’ll hear it from two or three other people. I wondered if this phenomenon had a name, so I did a couple of Google searches and of course it does: the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. It’s also called a “frequency illusion.” (Those…

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How reframing can change your life

glasses with blades of grass in focus

I’m fortunate to live just a short drive from a few beautiful New Jersey beaches, and walking on the boardwalk is one of my favorite things to do. But a combination of quarantine weight gain and arthritic knees has made it more difficult than usual. My husband and I went for a walk a few…

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The test–and how to pass it

Did you ever notice that when you decide to do something—make a serious commitment to change—suddenly, something else is fighting for your attention? You’re going to finally launch that small business or side hustle, but you’re suddenly so busy, you don’t have the energy or time. You’re going to start eating more healthfully or cut…

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